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Series Preview

Heaven Shattered is a series of spiritual books that we are presently working on. This series of books deals with such issues as Angels, Near Death Experiences, Self-actualization and reincarnation. In this series we offer our interpretations of an non-physical reality translated into three dimensional physiology. Using a metaphorical, conceptual story we do our best to as accurately as possible, explain what is occurring in our physical and non-physical dimensions we call Heaven and Earth.
The book’s message is very simple; and it is one which we believe God Himself has spent much time trying to convey, but for some reason we as a people have managed to avoid. It's a very simple idea but very difficult to work into our daily lives. Before you can know love, you will have to come to understand everything that love is not, and before you can know and understand who God is, you will have to come to understand everything that God is not. To search exclusively only for love or only for God, will ultimately result in discovering what they are not, namely fear, pain, suffering and perhaps even the devil. God cannot be defined or limited by those concepts which you hold to while living in the third dimension, for He/She is all inclusive.
I believe the time has come for all of us, the sons and daughters of mankind to become the parents of mankind. It is time for all of us to accept our roles and our responsibilities as a co-creator of our reality, a responsibility which we must take very seriously. I know that there are many different states of awareness which each of us experience, and I am also aware of the many different problems that occupy our thoughts. I am also aware that most of you intentionally avoid giving any attention to most of these different states of awareness. I want to help others to also see and identify with God in all of these different states.
For those of you who have been called to this series of books, you are an Exceptional Warrior of God whether you are aware of it right now or not. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you are in the process of learning how to step off the beaten path of the consensus reality, and venture onto the unmarked path of the Exceptional Warrior. You are the one who dares to traverse through the deep, dark, and unfamiliar territory in search of the truth.
For those skeptically minded individuals who insist on picking up these books, I ask that you heed my warning. These books are intended only for the serious minded student who is interested in pursuing their spiritual emergence. These books are not intended to put forth arguments to convince anyone of the authenticity of its subject matter, for as long as you exist in a limited three dimensional reality, the authenticity of this story cannot be debated. If you insist on reading the book, and subsequently dismiss it as rubbish, know this: for those who think that the concepts in this book are implausible, your time to dawdle along in your limited thinking patterns is dwindling. Very soon, you will no longer have the convenience to pick and choose the time or place for your spiritual emergence.
This series does contain material which will be considered quite controversial in its nature, and it is therefore not intended for everyone to read. It is in no way our intent to convert you, or to convince you of anything other than that which is comfortable for you at this time. As one of the concepts within this book, God is not portrayed as a perfect Being. For if He were, would He feel it necessary to create His son, and send His son outside of Himself, in order to discover who He is?