I'm the author of Heaven Shattered, a series of books that deal with such issues as Near Death Experiences, Angels, Self-actualization and Reincarnation.
This site is intended to introduce people that I meet on my journey of life, to some of the interesting things that I am involved with.
Favorite Saying 
“Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.”
The word 'Torana' means 'Gateway'
Torana is a free-standing ornamental or arched gateway for ceremonial purposes seen in the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain architecture of the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and parts of East Asia. Wikipedia
I'm a seeker of truth.
I enjoy connecting with people who are also actively pursuing their spiritual emergence. This web site is not intended to put forth arguments to convince anyone of the authenticity of its subject matter, for I believe as long as we exist in a limited three dimensional reality, the authenticity these topics cannot be debated.