The Reluctant Warrior


Long ago, at the onset of the Lucifer Rebellion, the Central Command of the Holy Empire's Angelic Forces realized that they had to create a squadron of specially trained angels in order to bring an end to Lucifer's deceptions.
Torana, is such an angel who finds himself drafted along with a number of other angels to undergo training to become members of this elite squadron of Angelic Warriors known as the Lions.
Each day the Lion squadron members attend lectures based on a particular topic of discussion, aimed at preparing them for the time when they will incarnate into physical form on Earth, to assist humankind during the final battle on Earth between the forces of good and evil.
As each cadet soon learns, their concerns are not unfounded. Once these Angelic Warriors incarnate into the physical world, they temporarily lose the memory of their true identity, and more importantly that they have been sent on their mission by God. The cadets also learn that it will take many incarnations before they begin to uncover their true identity. Each lesson is designed to provide the cadets with the essential tools and information necessary to bring this awareness to the surface without drawing unwanted attention upon themselves from the enemy forces.
Each night, after the lecture has concluded, Torana is escorted to Earth by his guardian angel, Landor, where the two witness one of Torana's future incarnations. The learning experiences within the lifetime they visit help to reinforce the lesson taught earlier on that day at the Academy.
Join Torana, Landor and the Lion squadron as they journey through time and space, in the hope of stopping Lucifer's domination of the third dimension.
This is just a short introduction to our series of books Heaven Shattered, volume I The Reluctant Warrior. It is our hope that these books will give you some insight to prepare and to help guide you through even the most intense of spiritual emergence. Click here if you would like to read a detailed synopsis of the book by chapter.
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