The Angelic Rebellion


The initial reaction to the rebellion by many in the high ranking Angelic Forces was that the rebellion was but one single event in the overall strategy of an unidentifiable enemy whose ultimate goal, for what anyone knew, may have been nothing more than simply trying to only get God’s attention.

Much of what the Angelic Forces had first heard about the rebellion had been based on rumors and speculation and not sure how reliable their sources were, in an attempt to achieve a certain degree of control over the situation, the Central Command ordered closed the borders between Heaven and Earth to further entry. Unfortunately, while this served to cut off the line of communication between the rebel forces, and any unwanted entry into further corrupting Heaven. It also drastically diminished the amount of information being received by loyal souls that had been trapped on the wrong side of God’s light.

The Empress herself, along with the Fourth Order of Angels traveled to Earth to determine who was behind this rebellion. While believing that her own son Lucifer might partially responsible, upon her arrival she and her Order were forced into a stronghold on the planet for their protection. Soul fragments were dispatched immediately to retrieve more information from inside enemy lines, but most have not been heard from again. From the few souls who have managed to get some information back it would seem that one side affect from the borders to Heaven being closed has been that the angels trapped on the dark side of the Gap have taken on human characteristics. Their minds are no longer functioning as they do in Heaven, and they are quite overcome by emotions and fears, many overwrought by panic. What has happened to them since last contact is anyone’s guess?

Join the Lion squadron as they journey through time and space, in the hope of bringing an end to the Angelic Rebellion.