Authority Taken



Authority Taken is the continuing saga of The Angelic Rebellion, and a prequel to book one, The Reluctant Warrior.  The Holy Empire has become fragmented, the harsh realm of Earth, has fallen under the control of the savage Samuel and his Associates.   Authority Taken brings us full circle to the formation of the Lion Squadron.

The struggles in Authority Taken reflect my own personal quest for answers for as long as I can remember, that has taken me on many journeys to find a way home.  I grew up in a rough neighborhood, fearful every day of the bullies at school, and the predators that lurked in shadows of the inner city housing complex where I grew up.

There were many Samuels in my life as I grew up, Samuel in the story represents all individuals who utilize subversion to rule others, from the neighborhood bully who begins his reign of terror in the playground, and as they grow older expand to encompass corrupt authority figures so often found in religion, law, politics, and industry, people entrusted to the care and responsibility of others, manipulated, protected, and fully endorsed by the dark forces.

We have all been given the right to self determination, a gift bestowed on us by God.  Through subversion and trickery, we have been fooled into surrendering this gift to these bullies, which empowers them, and diminishes us.  We have learned to either submit to their will or suffer the consequences.  This is not a world of light, as some would believe, but a world governed by darkness.  This is not heaven, it is hell.

When we search out good people like ourselves, we find them in the least expected places, made of outcasts and loners, a very small group, where becoming a member promises to make life even more difficult.  How do we navigate in a world governed by fear, or by oppression?  For the first time in our history, technology now ensures the dark ones total victory.